You’re never too old for esports, Swedish competitive team with an average age of 67 suggests


MMO players often joke about wanting to make sure the retirement homes of the future have decent internet to facilitate our MMO playing in our eventual golden years, but maybe we should set our sights much higher: Why not demand full esports fragging gear too?

The idea of hardcore gaming as an “old” is not some fantasy. CNN put up a piece last week on the Silver Snipers, a Swedish esports team CNN believes to be the oldest in the world thanks to its average age of 67. They play Counter-Strike, apparently, and sponsor Lenovo ensures the group of both men and women tour the competitive circuit across Europe.

And lest you think the same esports community known for harassment is picking on these senior citizens, the team members suggest the opposite is true. One player, 66-year-old Inger “Trigger Finger” Grotteblad, says that esports is “a lovely community to be in” and that she and her mates have been treated as, well, the “coolest grandmother in the world.” Zero lies detected.

Source: CNN. Thanks, DeadlyAccurate!
Apparently, there’s an even older team: Grey Gunners. Thanks, Kinya!

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I don’t want to be too much of a killjoy, but it seems pretty obvious this was put together by the sponsor as a gimmick more than a team to seriously compete. That’s fine to do and all and as long as they are enjoying themselves that’s great, but I am pretty curious how they actually place in tournaments.

It would be awesome if they actually were competitive and all, it’s just difficult to imagine that being the case. My Uncle in his 40’s talks about how his gaming reflexes aren’t near what they used to be already.

I’m all for them playing and it’s great that they’re in the community and hope they’re having fun, it’s just difficult to imagine they’re very competitive. I’m saying this without looking their record up, maybe I’m being cynical and am completely wrong!

It’s just that most of these games are about twitch reactions rather than the experience and wisdom that comes with age. But enough pooping on the party, it’s still nice to see them competing and all.

Arcanum Zero

Linked this to a friend, and we both hope that this team trash talks as well as Statler and Waldorf. :)

Loyal Patron

WHEEEE!! Since me am older than their average have hope..course, me have always said me will stop gaming when dey pry da mouse from me cold dead paws..dis is gonna be fuuuuun! ==(:*D

Bryan Correll

Lenovo ensures

That gives me an idea for another sponsor!

Ensure Extreme!.jpg

Wow, that´s cool. I am younger and don´t have the reflexes nonetheless.

IronSalamander8 .

At 49 this makes me feel young! This is so awesome to see. I’ll be a gaming, heavy metal old fart soon! :D


These people are inspiring. And good on Lenovo too.


So I could retire into gaming? Join old folks home as part of an Esports team?

Heh. You want to see toxic? Lol! Try a match with me before I’ve had my prune juice beeotch!

Kickstarter Donor

Man, I forgot about these folks! Old gamers are rad, seriously. Skyrim grandma is the best, and the handful of older folks I used to game with when I played WoW were all the best people. Seriously, more often than not it was like having a grandparent who actually understood at least the basics of gaming playing games with you. One of them (adorable grandmother who was the most wholesome person ever) would even “bake cookies” in-game and send them to people periodically.

I can only hope if I’m still gaming at that age that I’ll be as nice and fun.

Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

Oh, I still get cookies given to me in FFXIV – there are few people on the server who do that at major cities (part of the reason why I still like this game). Not sure about their age, though – never cared enough to ask ;-)

Toy Clown

I’m in the “nursing homes better have good internet” crowd! But at a young 51, I’d rather ride off into the sunset in my RV, where I know I can get good internet in RV parks. :3