RuneScape has thoroughly revamped mining and smithing just in time for its 18th birthday


You might think that an 18-year-old MMO wouldn’t keep needing to tweak basic skills like mining and smithing, but in the case of RuneScape, you’d be dead wrong. Just run a search on RuneScape mining on MOP and see how often it’s popped up just in the last couple of years as players angled for fixes and updates. Fortunately for them, Jagex is delivering, again, updates to these key craft skills.

“The reworked skills provide players, both newcomers and veterans, with new rewards and gameplay mechanics. Four new tiers of armour and weapons have been introduced, Smithing now becomes the most valuable non-combat skill in the game, as well as the ability to craft the masterwork and trimmed masterwork armour – the best melee armours in RuneScape. An overhaul of both skills was one of the most wanted updates highlighted by the game’s community in recent player surveys. The development team have worked closely with the community, holding two beta tests during 2018 and using player feedback to further refine the experience.”

Jagex does note that the update includes “away from keyboard mining,” new ore and metal tiers, and a new storage bank for ore to boot. Happy birthday, RuneScape!

Source: Press release
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