RuneScape has thoroughly revamped mining and smithing just in time for its 18th birthday


You might think that an 18-year-old MMO wouldn’t keep needing to tweak basic skills like mining and smithing, but in the case of RuneScape, you’d be dead wrong. Just run a search on RuneScape mining on MOP and see how often it’s popped up just in the last couple of years as players angled for fixes and updates. Fortunately for them, Jagex is delivering, again, updates to these key craft skills.

“The reworked skills provide players, both newcomers and veterans, with new rewards and gameplay mechanics. Four new tiers of armour and weapons have been introduced, Smithing now becomes the most valuable non-combat skill in the game, as well as the ability to craft the masterwork and trimmed masterwork armour – the best melee armours in RuneScape. An overhaul of both skills was one of the most wanted updates highlighted by the game’s community in recent player surveys. The development team have worked closely with the community, holding two beta tests during 2018 and using player feedback to further refine the experience.”

Jagex does note that the update includes “away from keyboard mining,” new ore and metal tiers, and a new storage bank for ore to boot. Happy birthday, RuneScape!

Source: Press release
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Roger Christie

I’m curious. Runescape seems pretty well regarded, but looking at their site (I did play it, but it was briefly and long ago), they seem very (VERY) heavily invested in lock boxes. So what’s the deal?


JageX got bought up by a Chinese mining company in real life. They are also following a pattern of industry-wide participation in these types of mechanics. I wrote a longish thing in another thread ( referencing how they are currently doing their version…and it’s bad, but it’s not as bad as some I’ve seen. (I’ve played quite a few MMO’s.)

I personally only am a member and don’t pay for lockboxes, and they dish out keys like candy on here to us…which compared to the other games with lockboxes where you sit there with hundreds of boxes in your inventory and no ability to open them/use them/get rid of them…this one actually lets you deal with them. (But sucks you in/lures you with the very addictive quality of them…hence the reason why the companies use them.)

I’ve personally, as a member, opened probably over 450 with the daily keys they give us and ones I find while playing the game/skilling. I don’t shill out RL money for keys…or toys from boxes either. I’d rather ‘earn’ it in game, and that’s what this is kind of allowing us to do…with that lure of ‘You could buy more and pay to get ahead of other people’. But most of it is just exp booster stuff, with a few cosmetics or suits that you can earn via in-game work anyway, or other little fun toys/doodads.

This isn’t a post supporting the practice…as I really hate it. After having suffered through worse versions on other games though, this one is at least able to be ‘put up with’.

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Completely unrelated (but its on the timeline) , but I bet that guy who bought the pizza for 10,000 BTC is mad now. Today, that pizza is worth millions, lol.


I spent most of yesterday learning this stuff. It’s certainly a more robust system…and took away the whole ‘fighting for an ore node’ thing…so there was hundreds of people in the mining areas working on their thing and you weren’t having fights. I did notice it kind of throws exp at you like mad if you stay active though.

I went from 89 to 90 mining just by doing 100 of each of the ore types by making sure to hit every one of the new sparkly rocks that spawn every short period of time to keep you active (There’s an achieve for doing 100 of each that makes the new ore box hold more.). Hitting those is what gives huge exp, so they are rewarding active playing, instead of AFK play.

But making it so you COULD if you want sit there and AFK it (It slows you down a lot/makes it so you can’t just be reading something else/watching something else.)

Also, the smithing actually FEELS more realistic, as you kind of have to maintain heat (This is how they made it have to reheat what you’re working on, or as it loses heat you get slower and slower.) by using the forge. More skill in smithing, means it heats up faster/stays at a workable state longer.

It was slightly confusing from the start, because they made two different forges…a smelter for you to throw ore in/work it into bars, and then the heating forge that you use to pull bars out/start working it into metal by an anvil. Both forges can access the bars/see how many, but only the smelter lets you see your ores.

It did take the ores/bars all totally out of your bank and make it so you store them in their own storage though, and that was beautiful. (They did add ‘stone spirits’ that basically take all those slots up again if you let them build up…but if you have those in inventory while mining the ore they are for, it doubles the amount of the ore you mined of that kind and uses them up.)

They also made it so you can upgrade armor with a +1/+2/+3/+4(Sometimes +5) system…which you can turn around and use the ‘burial’ feature to take part in the old artisan smithing system…you can basically ‘end of life’ item break-down…for really good exp.

They also made the ore box that you carry around not be able to be doubled up on. (I tested it.) It literally is just a item that mirrors what you have in that storage section…so if you have 120 coal + 1 orichalchum in it, both of them show that amount and you can’t add more coal to either (if your limit is 120).

I’m not 99 skill, so I can’t fiddle with the ‘masterwork’ stuff, but all of that stuff added some new stuff to high level play also.

I was kind of sad to see all my rune stuff (except treasure trail stuff) go kablooie…including my rune boots/gloves that were actually slayer drops…especially as I was told any armor over the new orichalchum ‘degrades’/has a money cost to maintain…and therefore is basically not worth it to many players who aren’t rolling around in coin.

They did give us some ‘tickets’ for all the rune stuff that blew up…and ‘refunded’ us a few things like dungeon tokens for certain things they removed related to that.

So, all in all, a unique update that addressed some rather large flaws in the system previously. It could definitely use some tweaking/adjusting here or there, but this was a large undertaking for the staff…and I’m sure they’ll adjust things as they go.

Joey Desarno
Joey Desarno

What a damn joke.

Bruno Brito

Do explain.

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Jack Pipsam

Mining & Smithing in Runescape has always been a rhythmic, yet satisfying endeavour.
Awesome news with the new teirs.