Latest Closers update adds J to the Task Force Veteranus


If you’re a player of the character J in Closers, then you’re about to get a little boost. The most recent update to the action MMO brings J in to Task Force Veteranus, opening up new levels of power to the fist fighter.

Starting at level 83, J can be promoted to the Task Force and get some new shinies in the process, including the Veteranus Formation: A and EX skills, a new character illustration, Rank ID, costume, and Visual Frames. As is often the case with character-focused updates in Closers, there’s special events focused around J in this update as well, with special booster boxes to help level up the character from level 70 to 85 and special account rewards every day you log in with J. These events run until the game’s next scheduled downtime on Monday, March 25th.

There are some other events running in-game as well, including a Spring Fair Event and Clochella Event that reward items for crafting, and a Golden Dog event for characters level 30 and up that spawns a special monster in certain stages to beat up for a lootbox. Details for all of these events can be read in the patch notes.


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