Overwatch teases Havana map, breaks down Storm Rising event


Earlier this week, Overwatch cracked open the vault and let players dive in to the Storm Rising mission. In typical form, game director Jeff Kaplan has put up a developer’s video talking all about the event.

Kaplan opens up with a few details about the setting of this particular Archives mission, just who the Omnic Maximilien is, and what he means to both the Talon organization and the Overwatch strike team trying to pin him down. Kaplan then discusses adjustments to the Talon agents players square off against with particular focus on tweaks to the Heavy Assault agent, and how the flow of the Havana map seeks to provide new gameplay challenges.

Of course, it’s not all tweaks and lore; Kaplan also touches on the rewards, achievements, and cosmetics players are able to earn in-game. If you haven’t already seen it, the full video is below.

And here’s the map teaser!

source: YouTube

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