Overwatch brings its new Havana escort map online


If you didn’t get enough of the location during the Storm Rising event in Overwatch, then you’re in luck. The new Havana escort map is officially live in-game as of last night, giving players a sunny new spot to blow one another up and yell at strangers over voice chat. As you do.

A video posted on the game’s YouTube channel provides a quick glance at the location, which carries Overwatch’s usual level of stylish detail. Players will get to see the inside of an old fortification, the Don Rumbotico rum distillery, and at least the outside of a particularly lovely movie theater on their way to escorting a payload from point A to point B.

Those following said YouTube channel are likely going to not find new footage as the upload is precisely the same as the map’s initial announcement a couple of weeks ago, but for those who aren’t religiously checking the channel, you can see the sizzle reel below.

source: YouTube
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