Red Dead Online is giving you 100 RDO bucks and adding some new fashion


The ever-important decision of what to wear when you’re ruthlessly gunning folks down or trying to do a spot of bungee jumping in Red Dead Online is getting a little bit harder. As of yesterday, the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog is back in the game, bringing with it some fancy new limited-time duds.

Our model here is wearing some of these striking new items, which include two new hats, two new jackets, new gloves, and new pants. Whether you’re hunting a varmint for their materials or riding through the dusty plains, you’ll make a statement that clearly says “I enjoy the color brown.”

If your digital wallet is looking a little slim these days, then you’ll also be happy to note that all players who make it to Rank 10 this week will be granted a stipend of 100 RDO$. This freebie is retroactive if you’re already well beyond that rank and is good until Monday, May 13th.

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