The pieces needed to build a WildStar emulator have been posted online


Have any of you seen the movie Contact? It’s a sci-fi film about an alien radio transmission that contains instructions to build an interstellar portal device (and it also happens to be a really smart piece of sci-fi cinema). I bring up this metaphor because a GitHub link has offered up the pieces needed to put together a WildStar emulator, it’s just up to someone with the resources and knowledge to put it together.

According to the link, pretty much everything needed to get an emulator of WildStar’s 16042 build is there, along with a link to a website and a related Discord. All that’s required is Visual Studio 2017, a MySQL server, and a 16042 client of the MMORPG. Also, of course, all of the relevant costs associated with keeping a server running. There’s also the requirement of the players to follow some extremely sage advice.

As of this writing, there hasn’t been any peep about a running WildStar emulator right now, but given that the LEGO pieces have been effectively laid out, perhaps it will be a matter of time, particularly since the aforementioned website hints that “your transport ship to Nexus will be departing shortly.”

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