MMO OrbusVR has launched on the brand-new wireless Oculus Quest


Has the virtual reality revolution taken hold yet? It could well be the final frontier for MMORPGs, but to date, we haven’t seen much movement in that direction, possibly because of the public’s slow adaptation of this technology.

At least the involved companies aren’t giving up. This week, the Oculus Quest released, promoted as the “first all-in-one gaming headset” that Facebook’s company produced. The wireless headset is boasting some strong Day One reviews and titles, including the biggest virtual reality MMO on the market.

Indeed, indie MMORPG OrbusVR is joining the launch crowd, so if you’re on the cutting edge of tech, you might want to pick up this title to enter the Matrix yourself. “It was a lot of effort and long-term planning to be able to launch an entire VRMMO on a standalone, tetherless VR headset,” the developers said, “but we think the ease of use of the Quest will usher in a new wave of VR adoption, and we’re grateful to be able to be a part of that.”

Source: OrbusVR
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