Nexon’s Alliance vs Empire updates with new dungeon and 150-man PvP mode 100 days post-launch


We don’t see many celebrations of 100-day birthdays in MMO land, but hey, any excuse for a party, right? That’s what Nexon’s doing with AxE, better known as Alliance vs Empire, its big mobile MMO, which has just crossed the 100-day threshhold in the west.

“The festivities celebrate the community of the constantly evolving game with the addition of 150 player PvP battles, raising the stakes on the struggle to control the world between the two warring factions,” the studio says.

There’s a new Pallid Snowfields dungeon, attendance rewards, a special mission granting the Mythic Spiritstone, and a new PvP Golden Dragon Battle mode: “In the new massive PvP mode, two teams of 75 players will battle to defeat a massive Golden Dragon, with the team that deals the most damage to the beast winning epic in-game rewards.” And a new trailer to boot!

Source: Press release

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