No Man’s Sky may be on the verge of its massively multiplayer update


Can you feel that? That is the eerie calm right before No Man’s Sky explodes with its biggest update ever. Or it could be gas from eating too much Taco Bell last night. In any case, the community for this space-faring game is eagerly anticipating the release of No Man’s Sky Beyond, which promises to not only transform the game into a full-fledged MMO (though they refuse to use that word) but also add virtual reality support and another “surprise.”

So far, the studio has been cagey on an exact release date, only saying that it would be coming out this summer. However, a couple of news sites have noticed that the Australian ratings board just gave the new version of the game a “PG” rating, a move that suggests that the patch could be a week or two away.

The studio said that player interaction with No Man’s Sky is up, with the average /played count resting around 45 hours. “We don’t have very many classic, traditional gameplay loops in the game that entice people along,” said creator Sean Murray. “They are playing it because they enjoy it, they want to see the next planet or whatever it is.”

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