Wakfu changes how mount harnesses work and brings Update 1.65 features to the test server


Customization shouldn’t just end at your character; you’ve got to be allowed to dress up your mount too, if you can. The process of doing so in Wakfu is being adjusted, with a full-on rework of mount harnesses arriving in the game’s next update.

For one thing, mount harnesses are now being called mount skins, so you can probably guess how things are going to work in that regard. Mount skins can now be applied to any mount and a single skin can be applied to multiple mounts. There are also a number of quality-of-life tweaks to mounts in general, such as the ability to switch mounts without having to unequip the current mount and the end of the permit ownership requirement to get a mount. All of these adjustments are retroactive.

As for the rest of Update 1.65, Wakfu’s test server has come online, offering an opportunity to test out a point defense game mode, changes to the stele system, and class balance adjustments.

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