Fallen Earth is going offline indefinitely (but hope remains for a reboot)


Fallen Earth’s 10th anniversary event is about to become the post-apocalyptic MMORPG’s last hurrah – at least for now.

Little Orbit announced on Tuesday that it will be taking Fallen Earth offline indefinitely on October 2nd due to poor performance, too few players, too many bugs, and an unsustainable client.

“Prior to September 22nd, we will be launching the first all-new event in honor of the 10 year anniversary for Fallen Earth,” Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott said. “We hope that players will enjoy what we have planned, because this will now be their last chance to play the current game with their friends.” He said that the team is activating all Commander bonuses until the shutdown occurs.

There is a silver lining floating on the edge of this atomic mushroom cloud. Smith said that work is going forward on a new version of the game. If all goes well, Fallen Earth may be rebooted in the future with a much more stable client that is firmly under Little Orbit’s control. However, the studio declined to give a timeline of when this might occur.

Source: Fallen Earth. Thanks Bruno and Wayne!
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