Perfect World Mobile starts open beta, Lineage 2M touts seamless world tech and cross-platform play on PC


Time for your dose of mobile MMORPG news, which is a part of the genre whether you like it or not. Today, we’ve got Perfect World Mobile’s open beta launch in North America and a press event from Lineage 2M that talked up several technical features of the developing Korean mobile MMORPG.

On the Perfect World Mobile front, NA players can now hop in to the game on Android and iOS for open beta. The game is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin — a mobile version of Perfect World International — as we reported in August’s mobile MMO roundup.

As for Lineage 2M, there was a recent press event that gave a closer look at what Korean players can expect when the game arrives in the fourth quarter of this year. MMO Culture reports that Lineage 2M will include an open world with no loading screens, improved collision detection, a dozen world bosses that guilds will have to fight over to attack in a form of PvPvE, and technology that will allow 10,000 players on one channel.

The press event also unveiled Purple, a Korean service that will allow PC players to effectively emulate mobile games. Lineage 2M will be the first mobile title on the platform and will allow for full cross-play between mobile users and Purple players.


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I went to try Perfect World Mobile because I thought it would have catgirl characters to play. It turns out that they are some specific gender locked class though that isn’t in the mobile game at this time. I also am not really finding it that enjoyable anyway. You basically just spam skills with no skill needed or used and I’m really into games that take more skill to play right now (or that have amazing stories to play through, one or the other).

Knowing that they will eventually release a character type I’d pick over all others that isn’t in the game right now also puts a damper in really wanting to play it. I’d just be wasting time as it is. If they release the beast girls while it’s still on my radar I may jump back on and give it a go, but then again I might not, depending on how long that takes. I really feel it was a bad idea to release it without them, especially reading that they were the most popular race on the original game.


I tried it on my phone (Nokia 3.1 Plus), even on lowest, the game has performance issues, because it constantly unloads parts of the zone and struggles to load them. It’s cool that it has flying and you can jump anywhere, even leave the map for lulz. You can even travel to the edge of one map and in 1-2 seconds load into another map, so it’s almost open world experience.

But one thing I don’t like is that maps aren’t that big and it really feels a bit different from the original game.

I’d much rather prefer they updated the graphics of the original and ported it on mobile with mobile-only servers so they can’t play against PC players that have better control over the game with mouse and keyboard.


Regarding Lineage 2 M, if that’s the original game on mobile, I’m really interested, again, as long as mobile players are on different servers from PC players, because it will be pretty darn unfair. I also hope they boost the original graphics a bit, add more trees and foliage…


The Lineage 2 Revolution game is also very horrible, just tried it to compare the starting areas to the PC game, and it’s bad in every aspect – zone similarity, combat, graphics, camera angle, character classes not looking the same also being gender-locked, overall game feel…