Space sandbox MMO Second Galaxy launches on mobile and Steam next week


A couple of years ago we cast a quick spotlight on the game Second Galaxy, a mobile MMORPG which styles itself as an open world sci-fi game that combines RPG and simulation elements. As it turns out, that game is coming to more than just iOS and Android, it’s also coming out on Steam this Tuesday, September 10th, and Wednesday, September 11th, respectively.

Second Galaxy has all the expected trappings of a sci-fi internet spaceship sandbox: There’s large-scale battles for as many as 1,000 players, scarce resources to collect, five different nations each with their own unique spacecraft to pilot, real-time trading, and the promise of a butterfly effect depending on how players take on events, all within a self-described hyper-realistic game world that spans 1,000 light years and 4,961 galaxies.

The game’s Facebook page provided a more detailed window for launch, including times of availability based on time zone and region. According to the Steam page, Second Galaxy will be free-to-play with an in-game cash shop.

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Nate Woodard

I mean, with as much advertising as they’ve been throwing in my face, I’m just about as excited as when we have a presidential election and its finally over.

Robert Mann

Meh. Same stuff I see with E.O. for most people. Too much ability to be an asshat makes for a niche product, but some people will enjoy it for either the drama or the relatively safe areas.

Likely will have their little following, but I’ll hard pass. If I want PvP I want to have clear rules of engagement. I detest attempting to attack weak targets, I want a test of skill vs. skill, and these games don’t offer that… and if I want PvE the last thing I want is somebody attacking me when I am at some disadvantage. No thanks.


“hyper-realistic game world that spans 1,000 light years and 4,961 galaxies.”

Either there’s a LOT of missing zeros in the number of light years, or y’all mean “solar systems” and not “galaxies”


It’s gonna be hilarious to get your ass kicked by someone on a mobile, with their gimped controls only because of 2 things:

1. their controls aren’t gimped, because the game ensures they are equal if not stronger
2. they paid to get some boosting and be more powerful than you

Result: Being on PC isn’t an advantage, more like a disadvantage.