EA’s infamous ‘sense of pride and accomplishment’ post now holds a Guinness record – for Reddit downvotes


By now, we’re all familiar with the 2017 comment by EA about how lootboxes provide “a sense of pride and accomplishment.” The remark was the epicenter of a global move for world governments to investigate lootbox practices and kicked off attempts to make game developers change their tune — efforts that are continuing to this very day. So is it any wonder that the comment made it to the Guinness World Records?

According to an image shared on Reddit, the comment has made it to the 2020 edition of the annual, officially becoming the most-downvoted comment on Reddit. The remark made the record with a grand total of 683,000 downvotes. Even though it’s now a year and change since the post, it’s still a scab on the skin of EA’s PR team that will rightfully never be allowed to heal.

The real shame is that there’s no equivalent award for “biggest fib told on the floor of Parliament,” as EA might’ve taken that in June when it characterized lockboxes as “healthy” and “ethical” and akin to a fun “surprise mechanic.”

Source: Reddit. Thanks, Chad
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