CCP vets found new game studio to build an open-world MMO


There’s a new player in the MMO space, and that player is Mainframe Industries. This Nordic game studio was founded by veteran developers from Remedy, Next Games, and, yes, CCP Games.

The 13-developer studio has already raised over $2.2 million in seed funding and will be focused on making an open-world social sandbox MMO that will be powered from the cloud. The hope here is to make a game that can be delivered to all platforms. The title and its specifics have not been revealed as of yet.

“The creative and business opportunity that cloud gaming brings to social and immersive online games is unlike anything we’ve seen on the screens we play on today,” said CEO Thor Gunnarsson. “We’re incredibly excited to announce our air bridge across the Nordics, having assembled a founding team with the AAA, MMO, and mobile pedigree needed to build the game we’ve been preparing for our whole lives.”

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