Grim Dawn offers a closer look at the Tomb of the Heretic dungeon

Grim Dawn offers a closer look at the Tomb of the Heretic dungeon

As we reported previously, the devs of Grim Dawn are pretty keen on touting v1.1.5.0 as the game’s largest update yet, but in its latest Grim Misadventures dev posting, they’re focusing on the roguelike Tomb of the Heretic dungeon.

This particular bit of nastiness is all the fault of a traitor to the Korvan faith who felt betrayed by his god and sought to unravel the Eldritch Sun’s influence. Naturally, this didn’t exactly end in happy times, and even saw this Korvan heretic craft seven corrupting rings for seven Korvan magi who all fell under his thrall. Naturally, these rings mean big loot in the Tomb of the Heretic, which promises four new Monster Infrequents, eight new Epic items, and 15 new Legendary items that can only be found in the Tomb.

All of this is due to arrive at some point near the end of November or the middle of December. In the meantime, the next Grim Misadventures missive will not arrive until Monday, December 9th, while the team gets to work on the latest update.

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The amount of post-launch love this title gets is rather phenomenal. It’s a great game. Buy it twice to support a bunch of awesome developers!

Castagere Shaikura

The mod community is growing too. On my second play through but modded this time. I hope the new content will work with mods.

Sarah Cushaway

Nice. I dabble in this game sometimes– solid ARPG with a lot of passion behind it.