Dauntless’ Ramsgiving event celebrates being thankful and rams with a ram-shaped hammer skin


Around this time in the US, we take a moment to revel in bounty and give thanks for the things we have achieved, no matter how menial. In the Shattered Isles of Dauntless, they’re doing the same thing, except they’re also giving thanks to rams. Try not to think too hard about the rationale here; I just think the devs at Phoenix Labs wanted to make a plushie ram hammer.

Taking part in the Ramsgiving seasonal quest will let players earn a special hammer skin known as Benson’s Basher after collecting 800 Moonstones, which is the same currency players are already earning during the current season pass. Getting started is a simple matter of collecting the free Ramsgiving Event Ticket from the in-game store.

Speaking of the in-game store, there are some other goodies waiting within to celebrate the Ramsgiving season, including a cute lantern skin, a disturbing helmet skin, a returning armor skin, and a new hunt arrival where a cheeky ram headbutts you in the gut.

Ramsgiving runs from now until Tuesday, December 3rd. You can get all the details on the game’s site, and make sure to check out our collected list of other Thanksgiving-themed in-game holidays.

source: official site via press release
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