Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives to Steam (as a mess), as Grand Theft Auto Online plans a Diamond Casino Heist


If your social media timelines are suddenly filled with people loudly declaring they can “finally” buy Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, that’s because the game has arrived to Steam, drawing a rousing cheer from the GabeN Legionnaires. I can only assume it’s a legionary force judging by the fervor with which these people speak.

Anyway, on point: The Steam version comes complete with all of the sickly dark green Steam-colored features you expect such as Steam Achievements, Steam Chat, and Steam Broadcast functionality, along with a number of PC-specific gameplay updates like photo mode, bounty hunter missions, gang hideouts, treasure maps, and more. And of course, there’s also access to Red Dead Online, naturally.

So far, the Steam version doesn’t seem to be off to the best reviews; VG247 notes that the Steam build seems to be plagued with a lot of the same issues already corrected on other versions on PC, and the “mixed” reviews reflect that. Oops.

If your digital crime lord proclivities lean more towards the modern day, Grand Theft Auto Online has a little something for you in the form of the Diamond Casino Heist, which is arriving on Thursday, December 12th. This particular Heist promises to be the mode’s most complex yet, touting “a diverse range of opportunities for set-up and prep missions that shape your plan of attack, multiple paths of approach, constantly changing security measures and a dizzying array of choices once inside.” It all leads up to what should be a highly replayable — and (presumably) highly lucrative — piece of multiplayer gaming.

source: Rockstar Newswire (1, 2)

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Folks at Red Dead better check thar saddles-


I’ll grab this when it’s been patched many times and is on sale for $20

Mike Minier

I just started playing RDR2 yesterday, on the Rockstar Launcher because it was like 33% cheaper. I have an 8700k, 2080 ti, 16gb ram, running the game on ssd. I run at 1440p on a 144hz display. I can’t say my settings I use because there’s like a hundred and I cherry picked what to turn down. I’d say it is roughly around medium, maybe like a medium high if that existed. I get anywhere from upper 90s all the way down to mid 50s I’d say. That’s on multiplayer but doing only solo stuff. Needless to say even at mediumish settings the game looks fantastic.

As for the online performance, I’ve gotten disconnected only once so far. However, I have had 3 different missions bug out in 3 different ways. The game does need some polish but it is still really enjoyable!

EDIT: Just wanted to add that while frustrating, the bugs can be fun or even funny. I watched my horse fly off a cliff, fall at least 20 meters, and get right back up with me on it like nothing happened. I didn’t even get the thrown off animation. Unfortunately I’d fallen down the side of a narrow canyon and had to backtrack to get out, and my bounty got away. Next time dirty varmint!


I see that year delay for PC was well-spent.


It seems most crashes are related to Steam overlay and controller. Still, RDR2 had the most amount of bugs and defects I’ve seen this year in a game, more than Anthem and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. And that’s in 1 year old game. It’s like the devs use players as their QA team.

Not to mention complete lack of co-op in a supposedly co-op game (outside of a very short Online campaign).

Although all of this come to no surprise considering the company is being sucked dry out of money – they pay ~$1.5M every “work” day to their execs ($350M annually average).


Not to mention they’ve prided themselves on their crunch time in the past.


The game for me and 5 or so friends playing has been mostly bug free since PC launch day. I know personally from helping these friends troubleshoot launch day issues, that most were caused by trying to crank up their graphics settings higher than they should have for their hardware.

As for co-op there is a massive online world with so much to do, I’ve barely scratched the surface while playing with friends nightly for weeks now.

Anthem, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and Fallout 76 were just piss poor and broken games. Red Dead Redemption 2 is head and shoulders above these and they aren’t even in the same ballpark.


Same – I’ve put in an indecent amount of time with RDR, and my wife’s playing right there alongside me. Sure, we’ve had a few disconnects etc, and the odd ‘why is my horse ignoring me’ bug, but we’re levelling trader hard, and can’t wait for the moonshine update this week. The game is just so fricking stunning too – the amount of detail in it is staggering. Everything from being able to fish with a bow (or dynamite), so the animals eyes reflecting light from your lantern at night when they turn to you – the depth is insane.