Leaderboard: What would you want to see out of a new Star Wars MMO?


Rumors have been swirling this week about expansions to the Star Wars universe that could be a big deal for gaming. According to multiple websites claiming insider knowledge, “Project Luminous” is a new project that will overhaul the Star Wars IP to make its content more like the Marvel IP, with a multi-platform Jedi-centric narrative arc set a few hundred years before the movie timeline. And “multi-platform” means more than just movies; in fact, the first entry is apparently a video game, and that is where we start to get very interested.

Obviously, it’s not at all clear what kind of game this is going to be just yet. We don’t have any reason to think it’s an MMORPG. However, it’d be pretty surprising if it doesn’t at least feature the sort of always-on, anti-piracy, monetized-to-the-hilt multiplayer that’s been the megacorps’ favorite child the last several years.

Let’s play pretend anyway. What would you want to see out of a new Star Wars MMO?

Leaderboard: What would you want to see out of a new Star Wars MMO?

  • I want traditional MMORPG gameplay (25%, 343 Votes)
  • I want multiplayer, but not something big enough to be an MMO or MMORPG (3%, 37 Votes)
  • I want MMO-lite gameplay more like looter shooters or ARPGs (5%, 65 Votes)
  • I want something nobody has done before (8%, 105 Votes)
  • I want a full-on sandbox world (24%, 319 Votes)
  • I want an impressive story (22%, 297 Votes)
  • I want transmedia synergy like what Defiance once had (1%, 16 Votes)
  • I want something about Jedi, glowsticks all day all night (5%, 73 Votes)
  • I want something about anything but Jedi (5%, 65 Votes)
  • I don't want another Star Wars game at all, stoppit (2%, 24 Votes)
  • Something else - tell us in the comments! (1%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 736

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– a decent story like Star Wars TOR
– gameplay similar to Warframe
– is NOT set in the shitty Resistance era (Star Wars sequels)


Honestly – from an MMO perspective we just need a spiritual successor to SWG. Sandbox world, skill-based character progression, compelling gameplay both in space and on the ground, meaningful crafting, lots of depth and interdependency, player agency and freedom to set and pursue their own goals. Set the game anywhere in the timeline that seems good and create a lot of rich content and things for people to do while they’re living out their life as a smuggler, a bounty hunter, a soldier, a medic, an engineer, a diplomat, a jedi, whatever. Add players.

There’s a reason that emulators like SWG Legends continue to attract people who never played the live game in addition to old fans. If we’re going to get a new Star Wars MMO, they should take note of that.

Ardra Ventax

I want pre-NGE Galaxies. Skill points that can be allocated to any skill I wish. The ability to “unlearn” and get the points back and learn different/new skills instead. Rich locations, many planets, and no non-consensual PvP (opt-in dueling only). Rich crafting and the ability to make sought-after items from crafting, both usable and cosmetic. I want a rich and complex MMO on the order of EQ or LOTRO.

A place I can go to and unwind and lose myself for a couple of hours, where I can play my way, at my pace, doing what I want to do. Nothing forced on me, especially PvP.

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Ken from Chicago

200 years ABY (After the Battle of Yavin in A NEW HOPE), the New Republic celebrates the anniversary of a major step for freedom in the galaxy. It is a new era of (mostly) peace and prosperity.

With the downfall of the Empire, the return of old region grievances arose, no longer smothered by the iron boot of a stormtrooper. Skirmishes would flare up between homeworlds or caravans of cargo and passenger ships. Thus, despite fears of another Empire, the New Republic Senate authorizes a New Republic Fleet to patrol the spaceways and maintain safety and order between worlds and star systems.

They are aided by the appearance of THE SKYWALKERS. These are a band of Force-sensitive people trained to form a New Order of Skywalker Knights, advisors who help keep the peace. Again, fears of another Palpatine lead the Senate to ban all Skywalkers from ever being a senator much less Chancellor.

The Skywalker Council agreed and as a show of good faith volunteered to limit their activities to a handful of worlds in the Outer Rim. However with major successes in quelling pirate attacks, uprisings and promoting order, soon, more worlds petitioned the council for Skywalker help until the Senate approved giving the Skywalker Knights an official advisory position in matters of governance and security.

The Knights were recognized essentially as civilian consultants assigned to various sector of the Republic, to assist in security and the council was granted advisory committee to the Senate. So many of the skirmishes and uprisings were not only quelled but the Skywalker Knights helped reveal the root causes of dissension. A new century of peace and prosperity lasted in the Republic.

And then an ancient Sith holocron is uncovered by a young girl fleeing a pirate raid that killed her parents. The holocron asks why she is in the abandoned temple. She says she sensed it would be safe. The holocron suggests she must be strong in the Force to detect this secret alcove. She replies that her parents told her she’s a skywalker and that one day she could be a trained Knight serving and protecting the Republic. The holocron says it could give her the power–now–to protect her parents. She replies that it is too late, that her parents are already killed–that she wants the power to AVENGE them! The matrix of the ancient Sith lord encoded in the holocron smiles wickedly and says, “Yes, I will give you that power and so much more, little girl.”

“I’m not little, I’m 9 sun cycles old. One more cycle and you have to address me by my given name.”

“Apologies. And what name is that?”

“Shaa. And who are you?”

“Yes, Lady Shaa, it is time I introduce myself. I am the encoded matrix of an Sith lord. I sense the beginning of a new friendship, as such, you may call me, ‘Revan’.”

So begins the great Skywalker Schism into Sith Skywalkers and Jedi Skywalkers. 200 years after the battle of Yavin, 20 years after the rise of Darth Shaa and her growing cult of Sith Skywalkers, some even infiltrating the ranks of the Skywalker Knights. This is the galaxy that players begin in their campaign in


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Ken from Chicago


Players will choose from several major classes:

Combatant: This class specializes in combat, armed and unarmed. Skills are grouped into different levels, from lowest to highest: Brawler, Warrior and Martial Artist. Everyone has basic brawler skills, no matter what class. Combatant class has 3 specialties:
— Recon: Unarmed, lightly armed & armored combat, with bonus in surveillance skills, detection avoidance & infiltration.
— Trooper: Main line trooper, trained in blaster, rifle, vibro blade & unamed, has a bonus in most types of weapons and most types of armor used.
— Heavy Trooper: Front line trooper, trained with machine gun, rocket launcher, heavy armor, with bonuses to use heavy weapons and heavy armor and penalties in using small weapons and light armor.

Engineer: This class specializes in construction, disruption and deconstruction. Skills are grouped from lowest to highest: Tinkerer, Technician, Craftsmith. Everyone has basic tinkerer skills, no matter what their class is. Engineer class has three specialties;
— Hardware: Focuses on mechanical and basic electrical construction and repair, disruption of functionality on a temporary basis and deconstruction which is the permanent destruction of the device in question.
— Software: Focuses on programming, reprogramming, copying, monitoring of computer codes.
— Wetware: Focuses on bio-engineering, namely germs, bacteria, viruses, plants, animals and people. The body is the fanciest machine of all. This includes, first aid, combat medic, paramedic, general medicine, surgeon, medical research, genegineering, therapy and psychiatry.

Pilot: This class specializes in flying, operating and maintaining space ships, as well as understanding major operations, helms, navigation, sensors, gunnery, basic maintenance. Skills are group from lowest to highest: Junior Pilot (trained to understand the instruments to fly and operate a ship), Senior Pilot (trained to understand how astrodynamic tactics on how ships fly at various sizes and various conditions) and Command Pilot (understands not only how one ship operates but how strategically how ships can operate as a group for maximum effect). Everyone has Junior Pilot skills no matter what class they are. Pilot class has three specialties:
— Fighter class ships: Focuses on small, fast, nimble starships, one-person fighters, Bespin cloud cars, up Firespray patrol ships (eg, Boba Fett’s “Slave 1” being the most famous).
— Corvette class ships: Focuses on larger, slower starships, shuttlecraft, cargo ships on up to military corvettes, understanding that while they can keep up with or even outfly smaller, lighter fighter ships, there’s a price, time, that the strain can’t be kept up indefinitely and thinking of your ship as big with a built-in delay from thought to action.
— Capital class ships: These are your biggest ships. They are flying cities in space. “Pilot” can be a stretch as you are more navigator, telling the ship where to go and having the ship’s system calculated the short-range flight path. In this specialty you learn all the position on the bridge, emergency manual control, thruster control, vicinity and short-range sensors, long-range scanners, communicators, engineering / maintenance stations, etc.

Skywalker: These are the New Order of Jedi that have realized that emotion is not the enemy but rather how you react to it can be. Instead they strike a balance between emotion and control, also they have dropped the ban against marriage. They recognize that love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and attempting to erase it from a force-wielder’s life is like going into battle with one arm tied around your back. The greatest expression of that love is protecting life, peace, knowledge and security throughout the galaxy. That is their calling. That is their Way, walked by the Skywalkers.

The Force is an energy field created by life that surrounds and penetrates everyone and everything in the universe. Skywalkers are those trained to wield the Force to bend the fabric of space to move objects, including themselves, with their mind. They can tap into the energy field that connects all of us to sense the presence of life forms, their emotions and even their thoughts. They can also use it detect events that have happened in the past of a location, object or person. They can even sense or see the future, the most basic form being able to detect impending danger, like a blaster bolt and to know how to position their lightsaber to block it. They can even use it to amplify the body’s natural bioelectrical current to “throw lightning” or create tiny force fields that can directly block and absorb energy. These are but a few of their skills.

“Padawan” has become an endearing nickname for Force-sensitives who have started the training as a Skywalker. Meanwhile “Skywalker” is used people who are not Force-sensitive to refer to those who are, whether trained or not. Skywalker skills are grouped from highest to lowest as Acolyte, Knight and Master. Everyone with a high enough talent (see below) can use limited Acolyte skills, pushing objects away from you, pulling objects toward you, sensing the presence of people and sensing danger—but with a penalty for not being a Skywalker. Skywalker class has three specialties:
— Sentinel: They are the protectors of the group. This is what most people think of when they think of a Skywalker Knight, a Skywalker that uses the Force to enhance their physical abilities and skill in using their lightsaber.
— Healer: These Skywalkers, while able to defend themselves, have focused more on studying, understanding and mending the source of the Force, life and living forms, to promote, restore and mend body and mind. They help Skywalkers to maintain the balance of emotion and control, cure the sick and maimed, with the goal of helping to restore lost limbs, all too common among Skywalkers.
— Visionary: These Skywalkers, like healers, are trained to defend themselves and others but focus on studying the universe, past, present and future. By studying the past, they help to minimize repeating needless mistakes. By studying the present, they not only better understand the underlying causes of threats but can also detect untapped potential benefits. By studying the future they help to work for a better tomorrow and take steps to avoid avoidable disasters or take steps to prepare for unavoidable disasters—and hopefully the wisdom to distinguish the two. If the Force has a will then studying the universe as a whole helps to gain insight into what that will is.

Players have basic characteristics 3d6 (3-18) points, in pairs that act as an offense / defense for a task (followed by classes that really benefit from a high score):
Intelligence: The ability recognize patterns (in speech, math, science, logic, behavior, etc.).
Wisdom: The pragmatic ability to know *how* to use knowledge beneficially.
Engineer, Pilot (navigation, maintenance),

Dexterity: Hand-eye coordination ability, especially when aiming.
Agility: Ability to move and dodge.
Pilot (helms, gunnery), Combatant (ranged)

Strength: Raw physical power.
Constitution: Raw physical endurance.
Combatant (melee)

Ingenuity: Ability to be clever, to be imaginative.
Creativity: Ability to use imaginative in new, original ways.
Skywalker, Engineer (crafting)

*Non-Skywalker characters can use basic Acolyte skills (see above) with a penalty -12 ability level in Ingenuity and Creativity. If that results with an effective Ingenuity below 1 then they can’t use push / pull objects skill. If that results with an effective Creativity below 1 then they can’t use sense person or danger skill.

Players gain Experience Points (XP) by successfully accomplishing major tasks with which they can buy Skill Points to level up skills, Hit Points, Accuracy (% of success of attack/effect), Intensity (amount of power if attack/effect is successful), Evasion (% to dodge attack/effect completely), Resistance (% to minimize power of attack), Range (% increase of effective range of attack/effect), Frequency (% decrease in time between attacks/effects).

Skywalkers can use Ingenuity and Creativity points as skill points temporarily. Skywalkers can have a secondary class (a “day job”). If they choose secondary class then they level up more slowly as one third of their XPs must be used toward their secondary class skills up to a maximum of second category (Warrior for Combatants, Command Pilot for Pilots, Technician for Engineers).

A player’s “level” is merely a summary of how many XPs they have.

Ardra Ventax

Conjecture or inside knowledge?

Kickstarter Donor
Ken from Chicago

I wish I had inside knowledge. Nope, just wishful thinking.


Would prefer a MMO that let you pick how you wanted to engage in the universe as opposed to shoving the “You’re the iconic hero here to save the galaxy” tired old trope. If people want to save the galaxy, give them an avenue. If people want to create a backwater cantina and serve drinks to the locals, give them an equally iterated avenue.

Give the predictable outcome themepark style “story” that some crave but also allow others that get more vested in their stories of their own creation a greatly supported method to do so.


Why wasn’t there an option for “I don’t want a Star Wars MMO if EA is in charge” in there?

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Ken from Chicago

That’s the something else, tell us in comments–which you did. So, WTG, Crowe.

Yeah, EA didn’t handle SWTOR well and a lot of other games.

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Brazen Bondar

Can we have a story that isn’t Jedi centric? Or, if you have to have them, how about a story about force sensitives who reject the light/dark binary. Would be refreshing to have a story about characters who are maybe feeling annoyed at both the Republic and the Empire. Can it please NOT be a shooter or a survival sandbox?!

Ben Stone

Action combat sandbox


I would like a Path of Exile style game. Preferably with the same depth.

Robert Mann

How about a full on sandbox, but with several changes to the norm? A questing system that can deal with various things across the galaxy, varied aspects of play supporting each other, and PvP areas in said sandbox-ness being specific areas of the galaxy where player CHOOSE to go if and only if they want to fight it out.

Then throw in some major NPC action, such as wars that are waged with players on either side able to join battles, trade actions, espionage, and so on… and have them be either 1 or 2 sides (aka, PvE or PvP).