Escape from Tarkov players call for a server wipe in light of gear balance issues and bad player behavior

It helps that the game is bad, I guess.

When they’re not abusing DMCA to silence dissenting voices or coming up with threadbare excuses for not adding female models, the devs at Escape from Tarkov are generally developing a multiplayer shooter of risk and reward, where players can get the loot they find only if they successfully exit the map in any given session. A recent spike in new players to the game, however, has brought to light a problem with this design – namely, that some PvP players can’t possibly play a PvP game without putting brain power and effort into ruining other peoples’ day instead of cultivating their own personal skill.

This particular flavor of PvP cheese in Tarkov comes in the form of exit camping, where players who already have snagged themselves some high-tier items simply head to the map exit, hunker down, and wait to mow down new players or those who have lesser gear. Of course, this doesn’t always work out as illustrated in one Reddit video clip (volume warning), but the fact remains that there’s a significant gulf in terms of gear between new arrivals and those who have been playing the game for a while.

The solution is simple according to the playerbase: Reset the server. Escape from Tarkov has done so before and doing so would level the playing field for the fresh blood to the multiplayer shooter. However, a member of the Battlestate Games team has written on the official forums that the next server wipe “will not be in the next couple of months,” though that thread appears to have been inaccessible to those who aren’t registered to the forums.

source: Polygon
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