Apex Legends is getting a mobile version for the Chinese market


Mobile gaming and breaking into the Chinese gaming market (however lucrative that may or may not be) are still going to be things that game companies will pine for in 2020, and EA is one of the latest to make an attempt with the reveal of a mobile version of Apex Legends.

The news was part of a recent earnings call, which announced the mobile version and its development with the help of a Chinese partner. Release timing for the mobile version of Apex Legends hasn’t been tied down yet, nor has information on whether a global release will be made available.

It’s important to note that making a mobile version of a game — even with the help of Chinese partners — does not guarantee that game will even see release in China. Activision partnered with Chinese megacorporation Tencent to create a mobile version of Call of Duty and the game never got past Chinese regulators. It did, however, get downloaded over 100 million times in 33 other countries, raking in $87 million.

As for the EA earnings call, the company reported nearly $1 billion in microtransactions alone, which is likely the prime motivator for Apex Legends mobile.


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