The Daily Grind: Do you want controller support for your PC MMOs?


The fact that it looks like World of Warcraft will get some sort of controller support is a piece of news that fills me with complex emotions. In some ways, it doesn’t matter a whole lot to me. While I’m somewhat excited to have a new option for how to play the game, years of familiarity with the existing setup might prevent me from making a switch in the first place.

But you know what game I wish did have controller support? Diablo III. I’ve always hated the clicking control style of the original game and its ilk, and that’s the biggest thing that’s turned me off from the titles. There is the game’s console version, though, and if the controller support from there were available on PCs, I’d probably have given the game a shot by now.

Of course, some people really dislike having controller options. Sometimes it’s because the inclusion leads to what people see as simplified control schemes meant to account for fewer buttons; other times, it’s just a matter of not liking other people having the option. So, do you want controller support for your PC MMOs? Or do you not even care either way?

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Depends on the game but speaking in a general sense hell freaking no! MMORPG’s are PC’centric for a reason, the have complex control schemes that don’t translate well or at all to a gamepad. I don’t want my MMORPG’s dumbed down so some pleb can play with a controller! Fuck right off with that shit! All of you in favor of using controllers for MMORPG’s are the problem and a huge part of why the MMORPG genre is somewhere between a state of stagnation to potentially dying. Casuals ruin everything once great!

John Kiser

While I personally don’t use controllers for MMORPGs (where they are available) I think it is a good option to have in there and to make it so a game can be played however people can control it. If they implement it the two best ways to do it are Tera and FFXIV’s methods.


Sure, why not? Someone else might want it. More options are always nice. Just because I prefer keyboard don’t mean it might not be nice to recline with a controller when I just want to run around and farm materials, or fish. There’s also other reasons to include it, such as making it easier for people with disabilities.

As for combat mechanics… I’d rather have simpler mechanics that let more people enjoy the game, especially people with difficulties. Most games already cater to us able-bodied people anyway. Not gonna have a bee up my ass about having more options available.


-I- don’t want it, but I DO want there to be an OPTION AVAILABLE for those who DO.

Kickstarter Donor

I have some really weird nerve pain in my arm and too much mouse use seems to make it a lot worse (as does driving, which I do a lot, unfortunately), so I’ve been playing pretty exclusively with a controller lately. FFXIV’s implementation is about as good as it gets and it definitely still feels a little weird, and I’m definitely trash in FPS without a mouse, but it’s better than constant pain. I saw a chiropractor and he gave me some excercises and stretches that alleviate the pain some, but it’s only a temporary fix for the symptom, not a cure.


No. What I do want are better game controllers & gamepads, similar to, say, the Razer Nostromo. Older adult, square hands, pro typist – I don’t want to use my keyboard for gaming, but I find most gaming controllers uncomfortable to use for long stretches. Programmable gamepad for the left hand, programmable mouse for the right hand, and an headset for Discord mean my keyboard’s not getting hammered for games.


I absolutely do wish every MMO had controller support, at least after being spoiled by FFXIV’s excellent implementation. Not that I’ve ever used it– I’m a KB+M player for life, even in games you’re not “supposed” to use it for, like action and racing.

But there’s a surprising amount of players who find it preposterous that people play with a keyboard and mouse. For many outside of the traditional PC gamer market, that’s unheard of. My boyfriend is one of those people. I play a lot of other MMOs alone because he doesn’t like not being able to use a controller, but I’d love to play with him.

Having controller support expands the playerbase towards those who aren’t willing to adopt a completely new (to them) control scheme. While it may seem like second nature to all of us, it’s really something that has to be learned, just like touch-typing or anything else. And when there are some games that support it and some that don’t, those players are likely to choose the ones where they don’t have to re-learn how to move their avatar and the camera.

I hope this is one thing that developers choose to steal from FFXIV.


Not really.


I don’t care, as long as it doesn’t result in shallower combat mechanics. I’ll keep using my keyboard and mouse as I find that method superior for nearly every type of game. But, having the option for controller might be ok every now and again (e.g. I use controller when driving in GTA5, but switch to kb&m for everything else).


Options are always dope. I try not to be one of those people who are like, “I don’t like fast travel in MMOS so no one can have it”.

Just not a good look.

I think Star Citizen is a great example of how to handle control support. HOTAS, HOSAS, K/M, controller. They’ve done a great job in supporting so many methods of control.