Life Beyond’s latest update opens up more of the map’s edges


Give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above. Don’t fence me in. The devs of Life Beyond have heard you, Gene Autry, and they’ve opened up the sides of the map as part of the latest update to the multiplayer survival sandbox.

Essentially, the depth at which darkening and warnings against pushing into the envelope of the map edges has been made shallower. In addition, overall map performance is improving with reduced framerate drops and an increased streaming distance for cliffs so they don’t pop up too close to players. There’s also a map menu that will help players navigate the world easier.

The update isn’t only map-related, though, as it has a number of other performance improvements, such as adding vsync, adjustments to the low graphics settings to make them better, improved shadow quality on high graphics settings, and the game now starting in high settings instead of ultra in the interest of improved performance.

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