Sea of Thieves improves accessibility options and hit registration for ranged weapons in latest patch


Now that Sea of Thieves has set players out on the hunt for Lost Treasures, the devs at Rare Ltd. can improve on things. In the most recent patch, those improvements include some new accessibility features like an audio alert that plays when notifications like selling treasure and receiving crew invites pop up, the ability to see text over a greater distance when using a Speaking Trumpet with Speech to Text enabled, and the ability for players to turn the text size down from the new default 1.0 to the original 0.5 default.

There are a few other gameplay tweaks in the patch as well, like improvements to hit registration when shooting at players while they are walking, running and jumping, and a fix for the Seabound Soul Tall Tale reward. The notes also promise improved stability, with players now being routed to appropriate geographical servers to achieve an optimal connection. All of the particulars are written out in the patch notes.


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