Magic: Legends continues its artistic tour of the realms with a look at Benalia


The preview of Shiv was nice, but what if you like your realm a little less sulfurous and lava-filled? Then come to Benalia, the verdant realm of the Magic: Legends multiverse and the latest stop in the dev blog series about creating regions in the ARPG.

In the blog, players can get a look at how the devs use instancing to create 50×50 tiles as well as objects like trees, rocks, and foliage. This process not only streamlines world creation, but also links each tile together so that manual adjustments to objects on one tile will cascade to the rest of the region’s tiles.

The write-up not only talks about the nuts and bolts of bringing the Benalia region to life, but also points out how development of Magic: Legends has forced Cryptic to rethink how it builds environments entirely. On the whole, the results are certainly pretty to look at.


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I don’t understand how you take a world with a quarter century of incredible design and detailed artwork behind it and make it look this generic.