Valorant is selling a series of skins that turn your weapons into dragons for a total of $100


Sure, you could shoot foes in Valorant with boring guns like a pleb, or you could have tiny yet grumpy dragons cough at them, which doesn’t confer any sort of damage bonuses but does let your foes know that you mean dragon-y business. And all you have to do is slap down $100.

Say hello to Elderflame, the first set of Ultra-tier weapon skins released to the shooter. There are a total of four weapon skins available for players and Ultra edition skins cost 2,475 VP apiece. So, by Riot Games’ revenue lead Joe Lee’s math, that’s 9,900 VP for the full set, requiring those who want all of the skins to buy up an 11,000 VP bundle which costs $100. A single skin, comparatively, would cost $25 — $5 for a 475 VP bundle, plus $20 for a 2050 VP bundle.

On top of that, weapon skins can be upgraded with a material known as Radianite, which can be earned for free with Valorant’s battle pass, though paying for the premium track nets players more Radianite, and the currency can also be bought for VP. All told, to get the full dragon weapon experience, including all of its unique little animations, it looks like players will have to cough up the cashola.

But hey, maybe that doesn’t bother you. Or maybe you’d rather watch people play the game and not play it yourself, in which case there’s the PAX Arena Valorant Invitational, an esports event starting on July 22nd where 20 teams will duke it out for a $25,000 prize pool. That’s a lot of dragon weapons.

sources: YouTube and twitter via PC Gamer, press release

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Nick Smith

Cool skins. Just not $100 worth of cool. Ill keep with the seasonal purchase. Tks.


This kind of thing is why I think it’s “too little too late” that people are freaking out about the price of games increasing slightly. Games have been way, way more expensive for a long time, they just hide it by chopping out features and selling them as Launch Day DLC. Or by including them with “twice the base price” Collectors Editions. Or in lockboxes.

Heck, the sports games that seem to be generating most of the headlines at the moment have been *infested* with microtransactions for years. If you just want to play the single player (assuming there is one) or “just for fun” matches against your friends list, you *might* get away with just the box price. If you want to play FIFA Ultimate Team and not get completely stomped? Right, you’re going to be buying Ultimate Team card packs. Lots of them. And good news! When the next version of the game comes out in a year, your entire roster will NOT carry over to the new version and you can have the sense of Pride and Accomplishment of buying a whole *new* set of cards to unlock the next year’s actually good team members.

People were upset about that one fighting game that charged to change hair color and then again if you wanted to change it back. Again, sports games have had that for years. You have to buy anything past the first like… seven faces (two of which look identical in the thumbnails.) And you pay every time you change a guy’s hairstyle. In addition to having to pay to even *have* additional hairstyles.

Games have cost more for a while. Just in a way where only the vulnerable and gullible were doing most of the paying.

IronSalamander8 .

I saw the Angry Joe video last night. If you make a team based shooter that I don’t at least consider playing you messed up, and Valorant just keeps making me more and more pleased with my decision to not get into it.

Any of the typical ‘Well, it’s f2p!’ defenders can just save it. This is ludicrous at best. I’ve spent money on in game stuff in other games but not essentially 100 dollars for a few weapon skins. Riot and this terrible game can shove right off. There are far better options for tactical and character based shooters you can play.

This also makes it very obvious while the default guns are so damn boring. Make them as drab as possible so people will feel more incentivized to buy more interesting ones.


$100 for a skin?
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Bryan Turner

They’re not even that cool looking, if I’m paying that kind of money I want some thing that looks like Deathwing, twice my size patrolling the perimeter around me only to focus fire and brimstone on my target when I point at something with a smug expression on my face.

I’ve seen better skins from the Black Lion Tickets in GW2, you can deck out a character with those between 10 and 20 dollars once you’ve converted Gems to Gold.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


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Bruno Brito



horse armor has come a long way

Dug From The Earth

The value for what you are getting here is just gross.

These are purely just an, “Im rich” label. They are blatantly aimed at the “whales” and no one else.

Just gross.