Valorant is selling a series of skins that turn your weapons into dragons for a total of $100


Sure, you could shoot foes in Valorant with boring guns like a pleb, or you could have tiny yet grumpy dragons cough at them, which doesn’t confer any sort of damage bonuses but does let your foes know that you mean dragon-y business. And all you have to do is slap down $100.

Say hello to Elderflame, the first set of Ultra-tier weapon skins released to the shooter. There are a total of four weapon skins available for players and Ultra edition skins cost 2,475 VP apiece. So, by Riot Games’ revenue lead Joe Lee’s math, that’s 9,900 VP for the full set, requiring those who want all of the skins to buy up an 11,000 VP bundle which costs $100. A single skin, comparatively, would cost $25 — $5 for a 475 VP bundle, plus $20 for a 2050 VP bundle.

On top of that, weapon skins can be upgraded with a material known as Radianite, which can be earned for free with Valorant’s battle pass, though paying for the premium track nets players more Radianite, and the currency can also be bought for VP. All told, to get the full dragon weapon experience, including all of its unique little animations, it looks like players will have to cough up the cashola.

But hey, maybe that doesn’t bother you. Or maybe you’d rather watch people play the game and not play it yourself, in which case there’s the PAX Arena Valorant Invitational, an esports event starting on July 22nd where 20 teams will duke it out for a $25,000 prize pool. That’s a lot of dragon weapons.

sources: YouTube and twitter via PC Gamer, press release
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