DC Universe Online covers the new plan for its open-world Themyscira


When the next major episode for DC Universe Online arrives in August, it’s bringing along an open-world exploration of Themyscira. That means the episode is about Wonder Woman, if the name “Wonderland” or the zone of Themyscira didn’t give it away. But this zone isn’t meant to just be a place you breeze through in order to pick up a couple of quests and then leave; no, Themyscira is meant to be a properly massive open-world zone, complete with properly open and massive events and content for players to take part in. And that includes world bosses for everyone to fight.

Yes, there will be big raid-level world bosses wandering around, and the goal is that they’ll have some interesting mechanics to deal with in the open world and that players will have no loot lockouts to reward fighting them whenever they show up. The general philosophy at work is to ensure that people have more to do in the open world and more reason to stick around, helping the zone to feel more massive as both a social zone and a place to do content. It’s like your favorite coffee shop, if your favorite coffee shop is full of monsters and Amazons.


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