Valorant Q&A confirms replay feature and gifting


As the multiplayer team shooter Valorant continues to take shape, Riot Games fielded questions from the community about the immediate future of the game. The studio confirmed that a gifting feature is coming by the end of 2020 to allow players to give each other content, and Riot also said that a replay feature is in the cards.

“[A replay system] is something that we’re interested in exploring soon,” Riot said. “Whether it’s to study previous matches for tactical advantages or to create spicy memes, we know that players will find a wide range of interesting uses for a system like this.”

Spicy memes: the latest flavor from the R&D team at Doritos and Taco Bell.

Riot did shut down the suggestion that players should be able to choose maps in competitive modes, saying that would hurt the matchmaking system. It also acknowledged that the observer client is “bare-bones” and will be built up in the months to come.

Source: Valorant

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I gave this game a shot for a few hours, but I don’t understand why Valorant is popular. It plays like it’s from 1998. Clunky, stiff and uninspired. /shrug


What’s an inspired game? Can you name one?

After Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament 99, Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike 1.0 and maybe Delta Force, games have been copy-pasting the same formula over and over again. Right now the most popular games are copies of copies of other copies, nothing new and original.

CS:GO is just CS 1.0 with better graphics, nothing else. CoD MW (2019) is literally the same game for 20 years with zero change.

I don’t know FPS games you play or how many hours you have into them overall, but Valorant is everything opposite of what you said.

It’s not clunky, it’s fluid.

It’s not stiff, it’s tight.

It’s not uninspired, unless you call every other game in the shooter genre that released in the past 20 years uninspired as well.

The only thing Valorant is missing and why I’m currently not playing it is that it lacks game modes such as FFA, TDM, Payload, CTF and others. Literally every classic FPS launches with AT LEAST Demolition AND TDM, not just Demolition, the fact that Valorant launched only with 5 vs 5 Demolition, later on added an idiotic, gimmicky mode that nobody plays, because it’s so bad and it’s focusing on releasing $100 Dragon skins rather than focusing on launching TDM and other game modes ASAP, speaks what their priorities are.

Other than that, for what the game offers currently, it’s top-notch material, maybe you don’t see it, but that doesn’t make it untrue.