Overwatch’s Summer Games have returned with a new twist on Lucioball

Not a great sign.

Sportsball is pretty strange in pandemic times, as the professional leagues and kiddie teams alike are struggling to find safe ways to return to group sports. The same isn’t true in Overwatch, where the shooter’s version of The Olympics has returned once again.

“Grab your beach ball and join the fun in Overwatch Summer Games 2020. Earn new summery rewards like Sand Castle Bastion (Epic) & Surf’s Up Echo (Legendary) and return to the field in Lúcioball Remix. Lúcioball, our futuristic spin on soccer, is back with a new twist. We’ve done some construction work on our Busan and Sydney arenas, and we’re kicking a curveball your way with Lúcioball Remix! In this faster, more chaotic version of Lúcioball, two balls are in play and bonus balls worth extra points will periodically spawn around the arena.”

The events run through August 25th, so you’ve got plenty of time to farm skins. I mean, play Lucioball.

Source: Press release
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