OrbusVR uncaps Explore the Realm event totals, is adding long-term missions and temporary bracers


Virtual reality MMO OrbusVR is introducing a couple of new things to the game world according to a rcent newsletter. Most recently, the Explore the Realm event will see the weekly resource and monster totals remove their caps, meaning players can harvest as many resources and slay as many critters as they want to facilitate unlocking personal rewards and a new island for everyone.

As for the next update, players can look forward to a new long-term mission vendor that will offer goals that can take weeks or even months to complete that will reward unique items like a jetpack, a new bracer equipment item that grants short-term stat boosts that eventually degrade over time, and new overleveling perks that offer bonuses like a dream cap increase and a boost to double catching chances. More goodies are planned for this upcoming patch as well, the details of which will be offered soon.

source: newsletter
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