The Daily Grind: What would make you reconsider playing an MMO you had sworn off?

It's just silly.

There are some games we just declare that we’re done playing forever. There are usually good reasons for it, even; decisions are made with the design of the game, a new expansion is launched, you have a long-standing and established habit of proclaiming that you’ll never play again before every expansion. But there’s often a corollary that if something changed, maybe you would consider going back once again, even if you don’t see that actually happening.

For example, you might have decided that you’re not going back to World of Warcraft ever… but in your mind, you might go back if the game ever offered housing. You’re never playing Star Wars: The Old Republic again… unless the game starts releasing updates to its starfighter PvP. You’re done with EVE Online forever… until your friends start playing again. Regardless of the likelihood of it happening, what would make you reconsider playing an MMO you’ve sworn off forever?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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SWG – an official pre-cu server. Whilst I occasionally enjoy the emu, its a completely different sort of community to live and that has too much of an effect on my enjoyment. I need a more diverse community. I’d also love it if they could change the combat skills to give it more depth, rather than everything being based on the meta-game.

LotRO – a proper “classic” server set towards the end of SoA. I’d want all the content of Shadows of Angmar, but with all of the original combat mechanics etc. This was a best era of LotRO and the most inclusive. It was also the era when player skill counted for the most.

WAR – I do play the RoR server occasionally and it’s a really good private server. But, its obviously still plagued by all the same problems that live had. To get me to commit, I’d simply want them to switch to horizontal progression. If they did that, the PvP would instantly become loads better, but it would also make all the PvE relevant again, as at the moment (and on live), any time spent in PvE just meant you were gimping yourself in PvP.

SWTOR – first up, they’d have to make it into a massively multiplayer game. With it’s player cap of 75, it is not an mmo currently. Next up, they’d need to switch to horizontal progression, or at least dramatically reduce the rampant vertical progression. Then, try adding some depth to the combat mechanics. Combat was just too boring, complex rotations surely, but very little thought required beyond executing those rotations. Made every class feel like the same. Only time it came alive was in PvP, but i need all combat to be more interesting. Oh, and fix the world PvP.

With all of the above, it’d also need to be subscription only.


I am a simple man truly: currently for me it boils down to local servers (Australia) and/ or excellent fishing. I recently went back to WoW which shits me to tears but I do love the fishing (despite Legion and BFA having the worst achievements). It also has local servers. Essentially I am playing this thing for one of its tiny mini-games.


after some to-go-analysis on my personal reasons to quit, the answer is as simple as sober:

MMO(RPG)s design capacity reached its limit and became a stagnant (gameplay) experience. there may be some nuances and tuning differences, but overall its the same old over and over again.

singular reason to return would be a quantum leap into the next evolution cycle, but that would already be another game (than the abandonded original)?

not exclusive to MMOs, evolution in gaming stagnated somewhere between Survival genre, Battle Royale and Pokemon Go.


If they add something i really enjoy i’ll return.

I would return to SWTOR if i could have a fully customizable companion or Vaylin as a companion, even Ashara available as a companion regardless of your class would make me consider it.

If they stopped charging full price for cash shop items in a discontinued MMO i would return to TSW, even though i technically never left, i would just play it more often.


1. World of Warcraft – have all my memories from WoW and possibly all MMOs wiped out from my mind so I can start over, because after 25,000+ hours, there is just nothing else for me to see in this game. Have Vanilla WoW become Vanilla+, like OSRS where new content is released in the style and graphics quality of Vanilla.

2. Lord of the Rings Online – a new developer/publisher, who really cares about the game and revives it from the dead with better servers, monthly massive content updates, optimized engine or the whole game migrated entirely on a new engine. Basically something that indicates a bright future and not as it currently is – a game on its deathbed.

3. Star Wars The Old Republic – game completely revamped to not be a stupid WoW clone and become a sandbox game like Star Wars Galaxies and with expanding planets and adding free roam space for every planet or possibly creating an open world with today’s available technology.

4. The Elder Scrolls Online – bring back the challenging gameplay that the game had in 2014 and 2015; remove level scaling; make Chapters bigger than DLCs so there is more difference between them other than the name; revamp the combat from scratch.

I know these conditions are realistic and therefore I know I won’t be playing any of these games ever again. Instead I will be playing SWG:L, V&H and OSRS – games I never played before.

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My personal policy is “never say never”.

That said EVE is definitely in the “Yeah, right” category. Like a few others the necessary changes to make me even consider playing regularly would make it Not EVE. Even then it falls into the next category.

“Replace the publisher and/or studio.” is pretty much the first thing that needs to happen then we can talk about the other irritants. SW:TOR is in dire need of a studio that has a clue and EA desperately needs to lose their Star Wars license exclusivity.


If some friends I want to play with really get into it. That’s pretty unlikely though.

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Depends on the reason I swore off an MMO, to begin with. Typically it comes down to forced PVP, Gating content, sh**y community, useless/offensive Support staff or toxic business model.

So provided whichever of these it was that made me swear off the game was no longer an issue then that would make me give it another look.


Well I don’t “swear off” a mmo unless they have or do a major design choice that I cannot accept.
For example scaling hold me from ever playing Eso, and if they were to remove that again, I might reconsider.
Which is a mood point, because no mmorpg in history have gone back on a major design decision. There is just no culture of admitting mistakes, and especially the bigger the mistake the more do or die (for the game) it becomes.

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Basically, if the company running the game isn’t shady, I will always give it another chance to lure me back. Usually that just means offering gameplay I actually want to do in a setting that actually wants me there.

If the studio is shady from top to bottom, then it’d be damn hard to get me back short of it cleaning house.