Sony admits PlayStation 5 pre-orders ‘could have been smoother,’ promises more consoles through year’s end


If you were among those who took part in the pre-order blitz for the PlayStation 5 and found things far from well handled, then perhaps it’s reassuring to note that Sony agrees with you. But more importantly, the company promises that it will be releasing more PS5 consoles to retailers for pre-order in the next few days, with further promise that more consoles will be made available through the end of this year.

“Let’s be honest: PS5 preorders could have been a lot smoother,” reads a tweet from Sony. “We truly apologize for that.”

The lack of smoothness is arguably the biggest understatement made in gaming this month: Sony stated that the ability to pre-order the console would be available “as early as tomorrow [September 17th],” but when retailers started offering up their console pre-orders shortly after the statement, all hell broke loose even though Sony offered registration for folks to pre-purchase.

It’s important to note that, once again, this latest statement from Sony doesn’t give any firm date or timing, deferring to retailers to share more details. Time will tell of the company’s promise to meet demand will hold water.

source: Twitter

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Sony could have skipped all this, made a ton more money, optimized the release, and had happy customers.

All they had to do is set a price, guarantee that price if the launch price was more, or the lower price if the launch price was less. Then had pre-orders open up 3 months ago.

Problem solved.


Just your average MMO launch…

People are mad at Sony for not being able to preorder but what can they do? If websites are effectively getting DDoSed that’s hardly Sony’s fault. If there’s only a certain allocation per store then tough kitty, if sites/stores jump the gun on preorder times that’s on them.

The RTX 3080 launch sounded like a complete shitfest in comparison :)

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

There actually are some products/services that help with this kind of problem for online stores and stuff.

The problem is that companies like Sony and Nvidia don’t give a shit as they get their money either way and the stories about websites crashing drive the FOMO even more.

Until someone finds a way to sue a company/storefront (or otherwise cost them a lot of money) for one of these situations we will just get apologies and promises to do better.

The comparison to online service games does not quite work in this case afaik. I’m not sure we have solutions for that yet other than “more servers” which is prohibitively expensive and sometimes harmful in the long term for a game.