Lineage II celebrates 6,000 days of uptime with server boosts and free goodies


Usually, most MMOs elect to mark their game’s lifespan through yearly milestones, but the fact that Lineage II has been online for 6,000 days is certainly nothing to sneeze at and is reason enough to mark the occasion with some free goodies for players.

The celebration runs between now and October 14th and will be on both regular and Classic servers, though the freebies handed out will be different between the two. Regardless of which server you play on, there will be free items handed over in a special bundle for logging in, and a number of boosts to XP, SP, Vitality, and party hunting bonuses with no XP loss on death.

In addition, players who have logged in to the game before August 31st will get a grant of Celebration Coins, with more coins handed out the longer players have been logging in. Additional Celebration Coins can be earned by completing a variety of tasks, while the Coins themselves can be spent on even more items like outfits, accessories, and a number of boost items.

As mentioned before, there are different things offered for L2 and L2 Classic, so make sure to read up on what’s being handed out where.

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