Spellbreak brings new weekly quests, deathmatch, and Halloween cosmetics on October 22


A storm is gathering in the battle royale title Spellbreak. A prologue of things to come. How do we know that? Because we’ve been told about Prologue: The Gathering Storm, the first seasonal content update that will land on Thursday, October 22nd, free to all players with a number of new things to do.

The title of this update references a variety of new weekly quests that players will get to tackle offering unique rewards as well as a first taste of how developer Proletariat plans on delivering story content to the game. For those who’d rather not be fussed by story in their multiplayer spell-based shooter, there will also be Clash mode, a 9v9 deathmatch mode that pits three squads of three against one another.

The Gathering Storm will also introduce some new Talents for players to further customize their mage like a talent that reveals nearby players on the minimap as well as future shrines and circles or a talent that enables the passive class ability in the offhand gauntlet. Finally, Spellbreak will be celebrating the Halloween season with a number of thematically appropriate outfits, artifacts, cloudbursts, afterglows, emotes, and badges.

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source: press release

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