The Daily Grind: Are you playing MMOs more or less than you were five years ago?


Cast your mind back — way back — to the year 2015. Obama is still president, Hamilton is becoming the hottest Broadway show in town, The Force Awakens made us hope in Star Wars once again, and people were going about in a world without looking like there was a planet-wide ninja convention taking place.

Five years ago is a good chunk of time, and a whole lot could have changed in your life between then and now. What interests me today is a fairly simple question: Are you playing MMOs more or less today than you were in 2015?

I think I’m probably holding even in this category, and since I’ve been blogging about my gaming experiences since 2008, I have a record to back that up. But I’m more interested in hearing from you!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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personal gaming schedule is – as everything else – (a secondary) subject to my priorities.
gaming is fun, but life has so much more to offer than pinata parties – after 2days of illness on the couch iam dangerously close to delete my PC, cuz my condition doesnt allow for much alternatives (even writing/reading causes severe headache).

by marketing standards iam defined as established (user), my gaming habit of 30-90min (if iam lucky) daily hasnt changed yet. but will exclusively decrease with the continous progress in my life, as i cant imagine being a “gamer dad”.

not because of some weird prejudices with the gamer image or some really bad examples (RPS Graham Smith intro from current Sunday Papers is quite a climactic (self)exposition: “Sundays are for looking at a week of half-term ahead of you and wondering what you’re going to do with yourself. Interact with the child? Mm. Let’s think about it while reading some of the week’s best writing about videogames.” interact.with.the.child. THE. CHILD. not my child, but THE child. is this british humor? to me this sarcasm is absolutely inappropriate). But because family will require much more than these daily 30-90min of my leisure time, while my daily schedule is always busy and i wouldnt have it any other way. its great to be involved, to progress, to develop, to evolve, to grow beyond any given limits.

after 2 sleep deprived sickness days with long night walks in the rainy (Black) forest, i feel confirmed in my personal schedule, this geek lifestyle is awfully boring. iam a grown reasonable man, not a fkn joypad.

Turing fail
Turing fail

Incrementally more, though I’ve gone from EVE Online to Warframe. I think this change is due to my unwillingness to deal with the “chaos” of the Triglavian invasion content in EVE.

Long story short, real life is already chaotic and harder than it used to be, and I don’t need this reflected in games I play to get away from real life problems.

I’m working from home due to covid, and have more time to play games between job activities.


Much less, since it’s been battle arena types (Mechwarrior Online, Dota, Call of Duty, WoT, Squadrons) and catching up on singleplayer backlog, I suspect that will end with New world.

Bryan Correll

Definitely less. Unless you count PoE (and I don’t) I’m not playing MMO’s at all now. But I still come by here for the punch and pie.

Oleg Chebeneev

Less. 5 years ago was when Nostalrius was at its peak and I played fuckton on my 29 twinks. Not 24/7 like 10 years ago, but still alot daily.

Last year I barely played any MMOs. But Shadowlands is a perfect expansion to return after a long break for what Im interested to do in WoW (play through storylines on my ironman permadeath character. After reading 3 volumes of Chroncles and learning lore it is pretty exciting to do). Being able to skip TBC and WoTLK and get to new expansions content straight from start is huge for me. I also really enjoy a challenge of playing half naked outlaw rogue in high risk mode. Already had a few close calls

Castagere Shaikura

Way less
Been playing them since 99/2000. You could say I burned out on them. The best time of the genre was those first-gen. MMO’s. It was new and only PC geeks played or even heard of MMOs. Wow changed all that and they have been going downhill ever since. The genre became mainstream and the communities became filled with asses. Today I just can’t stand the people that play online. I come here to see if anything new will ever pop up to get me interested. So far the only new idea that sounds interesting is The Wagadu Chronicles. Right now I’m enjoying single-player Rpg’s like Grim Dawn and Kingdom of Amalur.


Same as 5 years ago, which is not a lot. Short visits to try a few newer mmos, only to find them lacking or designs that annoy me too much to enjoy them. As mmos go I mostly play Eq progression and emulators.
Playing other genres, arpgs a lot, single player rpgs, tower defense, rts, Warframe.

The eastern style mmos does not appeal to me, action combat has so far only had any depth in Neverwinter (which I don’t touch because of the monetization), scaling is the bane of mmos so that exclude a bunch too, burned out completely on story driven themeparks, pvp is not my thing … well all in all, there aren’t really any newer mmos for me at the moment.
Lets see when/if some of the new indie projects come out, maybe they can deliver something interesting.
Maybe EqNext really was the last hope for a real next gen mmorpg, time will tell. More likely mmorpgs are dead, and the nonmmos and hybrids will deliver the fun instead.


Significantly less. My kids turned T-ball age for 4 years ago and coaching their teams and taking them to hitting and pitching lessons has been much more enticing than the slate of MMORPGs out there. All 3 play a certain MMORPG and I play that with them but outside of that I’ve greatly cut back that time. I’ve rediscovered all the hunting and fishing I used to do before I got married and had kids and putting time and money into that has been a blast.

I honestly only come here to see if there is anything new about Pantheon or if another developer has begun an effort in a like direction. If Pantheon can’t find an investor and folds and no other developer takes up the mantle of that style game…I think I’m done with MMORPGs. Single player only games if that happens.


I only ever play one at a time. So it’s the same.

(Well, when I have one. I’m currently MMO-less and looking for where to park myself next. Gave ESO almost a year and my time ends next month I think but I already wandered off/lost interest almost 2 months ago/stopped playing it/shut off sub.)

Rodrigo Dias Costa

Definitely less. On the last 5 years I’ve became a dad, and sincerely, it’s way more interesting and rewarding.