World of Warcraft’s new wings have the community in an uproar


Hey look at that, Blizzard is running another promotion to try to lure players into enlisting for a six-month tour in World of Warcraft. What’s the shiny incentive this time? Another mount? No… it’s wings.


Oh no.

The wings-deprived community kicked back, hard, at the sight of this transmog set that’s locked behind a six-month subscription (Edited: Apparently, you can buy it separately from the sub for $20; Blizzard is just promoting it as an additional six-month sub perk). Nevermind that wings used to be an April Fools Day joke from the company, some people really, really want them — and they really, really resent having to pay a huge chunk of money up front to become a butterfly. Then again, it’s become fodder for a lot of great memes, so perhaps the pain is worth it?

In other WoW news, Blizzard recently levied indefinite bans to a couple of its top-ranking PvP players due to mouthing off a little too much on videos. A third high-ranked PvP player received a one-year ban from the scene due to his “account not being in good standing.” Just file this post under “this is why we can’t have nice things.” Twice.

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