Monster Hunter World celebrates the upcoming Monster Hunter film by bringing Milla Jovovich in-game


So the general plot of the upcoming Monster Hunter film is an isekai story — a bunch of military folks are somehow sucked into the world of big angry monsters through some reason or another. That’s sort of what’s happening to the film’s star Milla Jovovich in Monster Hunter World, as she’s being brought into the game as part of an upcoming movie collab event.

Players will get to play as Jovovich’s character Artemis in two unique single-player quests where they’ll have to face off against a Black Diablos and a Greater Rathalos. Players will have to be Master Rank 1 or above and have completed the first part of the New World quest before taking on these individual challenges. Those who are successful will receive new armor, layered armor, and new guild card goodies inspired by the film. And better yet, Jovovich will be voicing her character in-game.

The event is set to kick off on Friday, December 4th, while the Monster Hunter movie is due to release on Friday, December 25th.

source: press release

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Steve Fury

I never get super worked up about stuff like this, but I couldnt help but cringe on behalf of all Monster Hunter fans. This is so out of touch with what fans wanted lol

Turing fail
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Turing fail


Oops… wrong movie.

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Richard de Leon III

Dont get me wrong, I love Milla, I enjoyed(if not loved) the cinematic Resident Evil movies. But the trailer for Monster Hunter isnt giving me good vibes and I think they will regret putting in anything permanent such as the milla avatar in the game proper. I would love to be proved wrong, but as a vegas man I wouldnt bet on it.


I expect the movie to be… exactly what we’ve come to expect from movies based on video games. :(


I’ll watch it because I like to stare at Milla. I expect the movie to be complete garbage. Although who knows maybe it’ll be cult classic level garbage. Oscar contender, probably not.