Whatever happened to Darkfall’s Rise of Agon and New Dawn?


Hey, whatever did happen to those Darkfall community spin-offs? It has been a while since we’ve touched base with these dueling projects, so let’s see what is going on with both of them this year.

Darkfall: Rise of Agon celebrated its three-year anniversary this past May and hosted several patches since then. Some of the changes introduced to the game include “billboard sickness” for using those teleports, capturable rune glyphs, and the return of the original Darkfall robes. Probably the biggest addition this year have been rare groves and rare mines, which were designed to send players scurrying to a location to grab goodies while fending off competition.

As for New Dawn, it looks as though that version of the game is long defunct. The website is down, the MMO stopped patching in the summer of 2018, the Twitter account hasn’t been updated since that year, and curious fans left without a sense of closure. The word is that the studio went bankrupt back in May 2018 with its assets auctioned off. But hey, at least we have Rise of Agon, right?


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Jack Tyme

Whatever happened to Darkfall’s Rise of Agon and New Dawn? ——–> To many games out now. Who would play this sht over the titles coming out now and in the future.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

There’s clearly an audience, but I get you. I know I could be playing Asheron’s Call on one of various emulators, but with everyone so spread out on an already niche title, it feels even more irrelevant. Good on the Rise of Agon team for hanging in there though.


The other question is, why someone would waste time and effort, even if little, just to say “who would play this shit”. I mean even if something I feel is shit(and I got that feeling for many games which means they are bad for me but probably good for those that do play them) I wouldnt even drop by their topic, much less place such a comment


I mean simply put people enjoy feeling they’re in the right. If someone is making a comment on “who would play this shit?” then we can preclude they likely don’t play it. If they then read the game isn’t doing so well then they feel like they are justified/”in the right” for also not playing.

This is incredibly common we see it all the time in regards to just about any topic with competing options. I don’t say this in a vacuum and certainly have my own games where I felt went wrong and enjoy being right to no end (Legends of Aria, Shadow Arena, etc). Equally I half expect someone to jump on my comment below and chide me about this being another failed PvP game despite my instance that PvP games can be successful.

Just how people are.


I mean only one of these games was going to win this particular fight over the corpse of this super dead game.

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I think that’s the core of it, really, if for no other reason than it just seemed absurd and hopelessly optimistic to have two variants at the same time. It would have been better if those teams could have somehow pitched in together. But oh well!