Lord of the Rings Online now lets you change your character’s race


If your Lord of the Rings Online Dwarf secretly yearns to walk in the secret ways of the Elves, or if your Hobbit would like to finally grow up and become a Man, then there’s good news on that front. Apparently LOTRO got into the business of extreme plastic surgery because now there’s a way to change your character’s race, gender, and origin.

The long-awaited feature won’t come cheap, however. A character change token costs 2495 LOTRO Points in the store (or roughly $25). It does allow you to effectively go back through the character creation process and re-pick your race, origin, gender, and looks.

There are a few restrictions with this. Players can’t pick a race that’s incompatible with their class (no Hobbit Lore-masters, alas), nor can Beornings be anything but Beornings. It also does not include a name change, so you’re stuck with “SeñorGandalf” for the time being.


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Anything for the cash. They’ll ignore your ticket about game access for months, but chuck em $25 and you can do this. Remarkable.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

They have a ton of tiered level boosters yep.