Vendetta Online discusses capital ship debris, temporary KoS changes, and remote capital ship commands

Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online has kicked out its December newsletter, which once more offers a cornucopia of details for the internet spaceship sandbox title, leading off with several recent adjustments.

Players who prefer to control their capital ships remotely can take advantage of some expanded commands, letting them issue commands related to combat, defense, patrolling, mining, and docking preparation. The system is in place right now and is due to be expanded upon in future updates.

If capital ships owned by NPCs or players happen to get a case of the explodeys, they will now leave behind debris and a damaged “hulk” object that persists for 24 hours. These new floating chunks of burnt-out space trash are currently intended to mark when a battle has happened recently but are planned to include resources, clues, and other gameplay mechanics in the long run, including the potential to fix up damaged capital ship components.

Finally, the post talks about adjustments to temporary kill on sight (TempKoS) timers in order to avoid abuse. TempKoS timers will now run on game time and not real-world time to stop players from simply logging off to avoid ramifications, Corvus Strikeforces will now chase KoS players when they launch from a Corvus station, and players who originally trigger a Strike Force that causes collateral damage will now have factional ramifications.

The newsletter then closes with word of a Corporate Sector Run event on January 2nd as well as a recap of previous updates. The full newsletter has all the details.

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