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The MOP Up: War Thunder banned almost 10000 bots since the start of 2024

Bye bye, War Thunder bots! "Over the last month, we’ve blocked 9,569 accounts that were found to be in violation of the rules," Gaijin...

Vendetta Online recaps updates made to the sci-fi spaceship sandbox over the past two months

If you've been concerned with the span of silence from Vendetta Online between December and now, worry not; Guild Software Inc. has returned from...

Vendetta Online recounts updates and improvements made over the course of this past year

Vendetta Online is another one of those MMOs that keeps on sailing beneath most radars yet has a steady stream of updates in spite...
Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online discusses capital ship debris, temporary KoS changes, and remote capital ship commands

Vendetta Online has kicked out its December newsletter, which once more offers a cornucopia of details for the internet spaceship sandbox title, leading off...
Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online discusses Chromebook support, trading improvements, and capital ships with a legacy

It's the journey and not the destination that's important, as the axiom goes, but recounting that journey in a spaceship sandbox can often only...
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Vendetta Online is completely free-to-play until June

In this time, people need things to play indoors. That's why Vendetta Online has decided to go free-to-play until June. No, not "free-to-play with...

Vendetta Online checks in with updates made to the space combat MMO in 2019

Let's take a peek at our feisty little friend Vendetta Online, shall we? The last time we peered in was last October and a...
The Forgotten Realms is still boring and generic as heck, though.

The Daily Grind: Do you have a personal vendetta against any MMO enemies?

I will forever hate certain enemies in certain games. No matter how long it's been, I still hate fighting the Circle of Thorns at...

Vendetta Online demos its VR capabilities at GDC

Vendetta Online was the very first MMORPG with support for the Oculus Rift way back in 2013, and you can see those VR capabilities...

Vendetta gets prettier on the Oculus Rift

Did you know that Vendetta Online was the first MMO to support the Oculus Rift virtual reality device? And did you know that Vendetta...

Vendetta will test supply-chain economics in its next update

Guild Software says that the next major version of long-running sci-fi sandbox Vendetta Online will debut "in a month or two." Version 1.9's biggest...

Vendetta Online is having a summer sale

Now is probably an ideal time to check out (or return to) indie space sandbox Vendetta Online. Guild Software is gearing up to release...
Vendetta Online

Vendetta updates with 1.8.331 build

Long-running indie sci-fi sandbox Vendetta Online published a new build last weekend. Version 1.8.331 improved high drain power cells, it buffed extreme drain power cells,...