Vendetta Online checks in with updates made to the space combat MMO in 2019


Let’s take a peek at our feisty little friend Vendetta Online, shall we? The last time we peered in was last October and a newsletter from the game is out there to help everyone get up to speed with what’s been happening for the game in 2019.

As one would expect of any MMO, updates have been rolling in with a variety of new features. The most recent update has included a player ping display to let folks know just how good (or bad) an opponent’s connection is. The display offers no hard latency numbers, but it does have a color coding system ranging from good-latency green to please-shut-down-some-of-your-devices-why-are-you-even-on-here blue.

The devs have also been working hard on improving performance for Vendetta Online across all platforms, particularly on mobile devices, with improved textures, rendering, and a number of engine updates either already applied or in the works. Mobile players have also seen some improved touch screen functionality, and the game overall has seen various quality-of-life improvements. As for what’s ahead, the newsletter promises that the next newsletter will offer a better look at Vendetta Online’s future.

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