MMOs on the fringe: Warhawk, Spellbreak, Survival Heroes, and Vendetta Online


Quick: What does a team shooter, a battle royale game, a MOBA, and an MMO have in common? Answer: They’re all in this weird little “fringe games” roundup!

We’ll begin with the sad news that PlayStation 3’s 11-year-old Warhawk is shutting down today. This online team shooter has no offline mode, and thus the game discs are effectively good for little more than being shiny coasters.

But for every death, there is a birth! Spellbreak is coming onto the scene as a battle royale title with a twist: Every player is a mage that slings all sorts of spells and combos. It’s currently in pre-alpha testing, and you can check out the gameplay teaser below.

Snail Games’ new mobile MOBA, Survival Heroes, is finally out in North America after picking up a half-million players in Southeast Asia. We’ve got the launch trailer for that, too:

Finally, space MMO Vendetta Online laid out its current and upcoming plans which include a “major engine overhaul” and a more interactive game world. Expect to see an expansion arrive in 2019: “Expect major changes to the layout and content of the galaxy, and entirely new types of hazards. Without going into too much detail, some of these hazards will probably have some interesting new visuals to go with them, and will have ramifications for all types of gameplay: pirates, traders, miners, territorial conquest, and more.”

Source: Kotaku, Spellbreak, Vendetta Online, Gamasutra. Thanks Siphaed, Xanward, and Jacob!

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Vendetta is a game that I feel guilty for not continuing to play. They deserve every success, If I ever get some dough for another sub this one is top of my list.

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I remember back when people cared about the “console wars” Warhawk was such a lightning rod between the two factions – I can’t even remember why. I think because it was good. So ridiculous now.

Ben Stone

Not the biggest fan of battle royale games, but Spellbreak looks like a lot of fun, I might have to check it out.

John Mynard

I agree it’s flashy. Like you expect a battle between wizards to be. If the controls match the speed of play, it could be interesting. And I’m not one for battle royale either.

flamethekid .

you can sign up for the pre alpha its free to sign up for but there is an NDA but I can say its rather interesting for a battle royale


Same here, dont play them, dont like them, but Spellbreak looks cool.