Conan Exiles kicks off a pumpkin carving contest while planning more QOL improvements

Uh... guys, turn around. Wrong posing.

Would you like a lovely piece of Conan Exiles art to adorn the walls of your home? Can you carve a pumpkin? If yes, you can take part in the game’s official pumpkin carving contest; everyone who participates gets a DLC key of their choice, and the winner receives a canvas print of the artwork above. There are rules to the competition, of course (no offensive words, for example), but it’s a good reason to make some art in hopes of getting some art.

Meanwhile, the most recent newsletter covers other quality-of-life improvements, like having thralls and pets park themselves when ordered to move to a specific spot. Players will also notice decay timers increased on official servers, so things take longer to get torn down. There’s even an option to turn on more AI movement at longer ranges, although it’s highly experimental and may crash your computer. Check out the full newsletter for more details.

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