Vendetta Online is completely free-to-play until June

No, we really mean free-to-play

space game

In this time, people need things to play indoors. That’s why Vendetta Online has decided to go free-to-play until June. No, not “free-to-play with a cash shop.” Not “potentially free with subscriptions.” The game is just giving everyone access to the highest tier of subscription for free for two months. Period, end of discussion. The newsletter announcing it is quite open about the fact that it’s at once a promotional strategy and a chance for players former, new, and veteran to all get in and enjoy the game together.

The developers also have longer-term plans for the game, but consider the next couple months to have a greater need for smaller projects that can roll out now rather than larger ones that won’t be available for quite some time. Players can thus benefit now from improved NPC behavior, better toxicity reporting, and better sector load times. If you like the general atmosphere conveyed in the game’s latest newsletter, well… you can jump on in if you’d like, because the game is free for the moment.

Source: Official newsletter; thanks to everyone who sent this in!
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