Vendetta Online discusses Chromebook support, trading improvements, and capital ships with a legacy

Vendetta Online

It’s the journey and not the destination that’s important, as the axiom goes, but recounting that journey in a spaceship sandbox can often only be done by word of mouth, with no in-game record of a ship’s exploits along the way. That looks to be changing in the case of Vendetta Online, which outlined the addition of what it’s calling “enduring content” in the latest newsletter.

Enduring content effectively will keep a rolling record of a ship’s ownership, statistics, and major events where a ship participated, thereby increasing the ship’s perceived value. This new stats record will first be applied to Trident capital ships when they’re granted an Enduring title. A limited number of stats will be on these ships’ records, but the feature is planned for expansion later on.

The newsletter went on to announce support for Chromebooks as well as Android “FPS-style” mouse capture, allowing players to control their game more like a PC mouse instead of a virtual finger press. This form of mouse input is supported for Android 8.x devices and up, and it is still a new feature, so users should report any bugs they find.

Finally, the newsletter offered some stats of increased convoy activity as well as promise of future trade improvements like streamlined awareness of new trade routes, outlined some new drops, and provided a briefing of upcoming updates, with focus on the new user experience, holiday content, and “significant” changes to the economy and the universe. You can check out the full newsletter for more.

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