World of Warcraft offers up a trailer for the upcoming Shadowlands launch

All things go, all things go.

Ready for a cinematic tease for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? You really should be because the expansion is launching in just around a week, so you’re running out of time to get ready. Also, it’s here right now and just below, so even if you’re not ready for the full expansion just yet, the trailer is already set to go.

As one would expect, the trailer covers all four of the major zones within the eponymous Shadowlands as well as giving us our best look at the Jailer we’ve had outside of datamining that turns up his model. It’s a short little thing, but it’s as much an effort to get players hyped for the coming expansion as anything, and if you’re already hype… well, hey, new high-quality cinematic stuff to watch! That’s fun, yes? And it’s at least another thing to chew on ahead of the full expansion launch next week.

Source: YouTube

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all good until you actually play the game and get lost in its 10000000 systems and get sick of it.


Really looks like it could be a completely different game and no one would be wiser.

That said, I very much bet we’re going to encounter Arthas at some point during Shadowlands. There is no way they’re going to pass up the opportunity to bring him back, even if it’s just for the expansion (similar to Illidan). He’d be an invaluable resource in beating both Sylvanas and the Jailer.

Phil Gillespie

They have already lined that up:


Yeah he’s thrown in the Maw which is presumably where the other heroes were kidnapped and thrown into? Idk. Guess it’ll be interesting. Kind of slowly getting interested in seeing where this goes.

Danny Smith

That felt like watching a trailer for a korean mobile game.

ante b



Nutha multi million dollar lore tease-
Wonder how much these “get excited for yet another grind some sort of multitude of runes, crystals, or other type of (special currency) every day of your life” invitations cost?

Welp there will be a couple million people logging in to find out. Good luck.


I counted only 3 zones in that…

Buddy Barlow

Theres 4

5 including the maw


I was talking about the video featured and not the expansion though.

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Eh. /shrug

I appreciate the graphical fidelity but like much of the Shadowlands marketing, it just doesn’t grab me. If you already follow WoW, you can get some value out of it, but not much.

Dividing the marketing between four distinct covenants has a kind of paint-by-numbers feel whenever they feel obligated to cover each and every one in one go. Though even when they show off each covenant separately, it still feels like something is missing.


Meanwhile last Friday at Blizzard ” Hey Andy the Intern what are you doing this weekend!” Asks JA Brack,

” Not much probably just my 3rd job that makes up for the Game Time you pay me with sir”

” Nonsense Arty the Intern take some expired food from the break room, because you’re calling in sick to the Grub Hub weekend of yours to make us a cinematic!”

” My name is Andy and I don’t know how to make cinematics”

” Its fine Adam the Intern all of our old cinematic team works for Mike Morhiem’s company now so any one can be an expert even you Abe the Intern!”

“My name is Andy sir”

“Well you think you know what your name is but you don’t, have fun this week end Anthony the Intern, do us proud!”

Vincent Clark

I mean, it looks pretty.

That’s all I can really say at this point.


It seems just like a quick presentantion of covenants and nothing more