Star Citizen demonstrates the creation of props by making a Picoball live on stream


There have been broadcasts where the devs of Star Citizen have taken fans along for the creation of things like weapons and ship concepts, but have you ever seen an episode of Star Citizen Live where you saw a volleyball turn into a penguin-faced friend? Well, you have now.

John Carney from the Props and Weapons team in the UK took us through the start-to-finish creation of an in-game version of the Picoball, one of the real-world props from the Halloween episode of Inside Star Citizen. The video went through the entire modeling, texturing, and baking process, transforming a simple cube to an in-engine recreation of the item.

The important question, of course, is just where the Picoball will be in the ‘Verse. That hasn’t been decided yet, but it will be in-game and will not be locked behind a paywall as a Subscriber Flare, as the props team has said they’d like to stick the prop “somewhere fun.” You can see Picoball take shape (that shape is a ball) in the embed below.

source: YouTube
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