Inside Star Citizen brings back Count Disco to talk new HUD styles and engineer gameplay prototyping


364 days out of the year, Star Citizen’s regular video series features creative producer Jared Huckaby talking pretty frankly about the features the team at CIG is working on. On Halloween, however, Huckaby takes on his seasonal alter-ego Count Disco and absolutely yucks it up, and this year’s thematic episode of Inside Star Citizen is most certainly no exception. Seriously, the header image is just a taste of the madness.

When the video isn’t having fun with the gag (or taking too long to get to the point, depending on your opinion), it talks about development work on manufacturer-specific HUD elements, starting first with Aegis Dynamics. The new HUD features some of the information players would expect as well as some new elements like a compass, some signature details to outline how visible a ship is to radar, and a 3-D element to show which direction a craft is traveling.

The video then moves on to showcase a prototype of engineer gameplay features, which will largely focus on engaging, disengaging, or repairing relays that link ship systems like lights and weapons to fuel, battery power, and power plants. This will allow players to disengage redundant relays that apply multiple links to a certain point on a ship’s power network in order to improve fuel efficiency or keep power running when a ship’s systems are cut in half by damage. Of course, the prototype is still very early, so there’s no telling when these features will make it into the game, but it ultimately looks like those designated as engineers on a multi-crew ship will have plenty of things to consider.

In other Star Citizen news, the game is once more gearing up for the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, an annual in-game event where players can look at ships from a variety of manufacturers and try them out for free for a limited time. This year’s expo will take place in New Babbage on the planet microTech between November 20th and December 2nd. Details will be revealed next week, which should give fans some time to recover from Count Disco’s cringe-fest below.

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